Snooki’s Weight Loss Due to Starvation?

Snooki has lost an incredible 42 pounds since giving birth to her baby boy Lorenzo back in August of last year. Most people have had nothing but praise for the 4’9 “meatball” however Star magazine is looking to start some trouble. The magazine claims that Snooki looks “emaciated” and their source claims that Snooki only eats lettuce and egg whites. The source told the magazine,

“Most of her calories come from booze, and she uses laxatives too. It’s scary. She looks emaciated, and everyone is worried sick.” The source told the magazine.

This is quite a serious claim when you consider the fact that Snooki battled with anorexia as a teenager. Snooki told OK! Magazine,

“It started when I was a junior. The reason I did it is because I was very self-conscious about cheerleading. There were these little freshman girls, and I was scared that these little freshman girls would take my spot. I just started eating salads and salads. Then I got to a point where I just had a cracker a day. And I was down to 80 pounds. I almost died.”

I’m not sure what is more shocking. The fact that Snooki dropped down to a rail thin 80 pounds, or the fact that Snooki actually called someone else, “little.” Anyway, while Snooki admitted to her past problems with anorexia, she is not admitting to any current problems. In fact, she is fighting back at Star magazine for even publishing such trash.