Beyonce & Jay-Z Spotted in Paris with Blue Ivy -Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care

Getting a picture of Baby Blue Ivy has been a big deal since day one.  It appears that it’s still a pretty big deal.  Jay Z and Beyonce were spotted and a ton of pictures and even a video hit the internet in viral fashion.  Of course I’m a little late posting the pics because I, unlike other gossip bloggers happened to have a day job (At least until you guys starting visiting this damn site everyday).  If you don’t think Jay Z and Beyonce are a big deal, these photos even ended up on IBT (International Business Time).

Like I said, don’t act like you don’t care!

Beyonce 31

Beyonce 3

Beyonce 1

And if that’s not enough….how about a boring as video clip. Ok not really boring because you don’t realize it’s boring until after you watch it. I guess that’s true for all boring clips.