Allen Iverson Steals His Own Kids?

Allen Iverson might have racked up 1,983 steals on the basketball court, but his latest steal might land him in some trouble. His ex-wife Tawanna Iverson is claiming that Allen has abducted his own kids! According to Tawanna, Allen asked her if he could take their kids on a little vacation to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was supposed to be a short five day trip between May 22nd and May 26th, but Allen never did return the kids!

There are five kids in total, ranging from ages 3 all the way to 16. Tawanna claims she tried to schedule an exchange on June 4th, but Allen never showed up at the drop-off location. Now she thinks that Allen didn’t even take the kids to Charlotte, she believes he is keeping them in a hotel in Georgia. She’s apparently worried about the children because Allen is a drunk who often drinks around their kids.

Tawanna has sole legal and primary physical custody of the kids and she is now asking the court to force Allen to return the kids. She also says that he should be put in jail for his behavior.

Well, that’s unfortunate! I’m always hesitant to comment on these things because you never know if things are being blown out of proportion. What if she’s making this whole thing up? Who knows.  Hopefully the kids are fine, though!