Kanye West Pissed Over Leaked Video

Kanye West is mad at the world again, and this time he actually has good reason to be. As most of you know, some jerk off leaked an extremely rough cut of Kanye’s new music video for his song, “Black Skinhead.”

The music video is clearly not ready for prime time, yet. It’s clear that final edits still need to made, and Kanye West is pissed that someone is trying to ruin all of his hard work. He’s been blowing up his Twitter page, asking for people to take down the leaked video.

You can view all of his tweets down below…


In case you’re wondering, the “blacked out” portion of the image reads, “F–K YOU!”

I can certainly understand his anger. If I worked that hard on something and then someone leaked it a week before it was supposed to be release, I’d be pretty damn mad too! Especially if the final editing of the video hadn’t even been finished. Maybe Taylor Swift was behind the leak? Finally getting revenge for Kanye’s on stage interruption several years ago.

Who knows, and who really cares. Kanye will get through this. He has Kim Kardashian and a new baby to keep his mind off things.