Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West

Well, it appears like Kanye has managed to trick Kris Jenner into thinking that he’s actually a nice person. The head of the Kardashian gang paid a visit to the crazy women on, ‘The Talk’ to promote her new show.

During the interview, she was asked about Kanye’s most recent “attack” on a photographer who actually gave Kanye a compliment before Kanye went off on a very strange rant. He basically told the guy to never talk again, oh and he also smashed his camera.

Kris Jenner claims there had to be a good reason behind the attack,

“I love that man. I do. I think he was just a little sleep-deprived, because of the baby. Maybe. I think that what happens with anybody who gets upset with paparazzi-related issues, they’re always provoked … I don’t know what happened before that. None of us know the 15 minutes before that and how crazy (the paparazzi) got!”

She then goes on to explain that Kanye does not have a short temper like everyone assumes. She admits that he can get easily irritated, but he usually always has a good reason for it.

Come on, Kris. You can see in the video that Kanye was just now getting out of his car, how could of something happened 15 minutes earlier? And I don’t think any of us buy the “sleep deprived” excuse, especially not after hearing that Kim and Kanye have a “night nanny.”

There is no harm in admitting that Kanye West is just a douchebag sometimes. It’s okay, we still love him.