Bravo Breaks Kenya Moore Off a Huge Check for Season 6 of RHOA.

Kenya Moore was reportedly holding out for more money to return for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Admittedly she did bring “the drama” and along with that came the ratings however, I’m surprised that Bravo decided to cut her a $600,000 check.

That’s right, Kenya is getting paid $600,000 to do season 6 along with more money in bonuses based on ratings.

According to US Weekly the pay check of the others are not too far behind, Nene, Kim, and Kandi are rumored to make $800,000 per season

The ratings for the show actually jumped after Kim left and the focus of the season became the battle between Kenya and Phaedra.  The question now is, “Will Porsha Stewart be returning for Season 6 as well”?

In the mean time Kenya remains “40, FABULOUS, AND PAID”!  I believe now she can twirl!!