Kris Jenner Buys TV Critic Sterling Silver Pen In Lame Bribery Attempt

Kris Jenner’s new talk show, ‘Kris’ is so bad that she’s having to bribe TV critics in order to get better reviews! Fox has told her that she is on a strict six-week trial run and if her talk show does not do well in those six weeks, she can say bye-bye to her new show.

Well, it hasn’t been doing well, at all. The ratings have not been great and the reviews for her show have been even worse. ‘Kris’ has just taken a beating by TV critics and apparently the Kardashian Queen has taken notice.

Linda Stasi, a TV Critic for the New York Post wrote a terrible review of Kris Jenner’s new show back on the 16th. She claims that the show, “is so horrible it should come with a hazard warning.” She also said that Kris comes across boring, as well as spoiled and lacking a sense of humor.

Now instead of trying to fix her show and fix her attitude, Kris decided it would be much easier just to try and bribe the TV critic. She sent the writer of the column a dozen Magnolia cupcakes and a sterling silver pen from Tiffany’s.

She also attached the note you see down below,

“Dear Linda, Sorry you didn’t like the show. I’m still a huge fan of your column. Love and blessings, Kris. P.S. When you think I’ve improved, maybe you will write a better REVIEW with this!”

That’s just sad. Don’t you just feel bad for her? No? Me neither. She’s probably so accustomed to getting her imaginary cock slobbered on all of the time that she doesn’t know how to react when something goes wrong. If she wants her to show to be a success, then she will to work hard on it and make it great.

Spend less time at Tiffany’s and more time developing a likable personality.