Selena Gomez Ends Interview After Being Asked About Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

There is no doubt that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have some kind of weird connection with each other. They’ve probably broken up with each other more times than Chris Brown and Rihanna have, but like Chris and Rihanna, they keep going back to each other!

Is it love? Is it sex? Who knows, but one thing we do know is that the just turned 21-year-old singer does not like to talk about her relationship with the Biebs.

During a recent interview, a WGN-TV host by the name of Dean Richards started to ramble on about Bieber’s recent odd behavior. He then proceeded to ask Selena if there was something we just didn’t “get” about Bieber. Is there something that she sees in him that everyone else doesn’t?

It’s a valid question, but it’s one that Selena Gomez did not want to answer. Watch the awkwardness for yourself in the video down below…

Ouch. She just left the poor guy hanging! She could of just told him that she didn’t want to talk about that. Although, it is reported that her “people” go over topics they don’t want discussed with the interviewer beforehand. So, it is very possible that this dude just ignored the warnings and asked the question anyway.