Denzel Washington Talks About Trayvon Martin Verdict

Denzel Washington and co-star Mark Wahlberg have been doing several interviews together lately. Making sure to do their best to promote their new movie, ‘2 Guns’ which will be in a theater near you August 2.

During a recent interview with “BlackTree.TV” things got off topic just a bit. The person interviewing the two actors brought up current events, and the discussion got around to the recent Trayvon Martin verdict.

The interviewer asked Denzel and Mark about the verdict and Denzel had this to say,

“I think it’s interesting, you know, I saw the interview with (Juror B29) and her look … And people were saying, ’This isn’t about race.’ and Geragos was like, ’Nah, it’s all bout race.’ And obviously it still is. You know, it’s like I always say, you can’t legislate love. You can’t legislate people into loving each other.

So, it takes time…and yes we do have a black president, but that doesn’t mean the slate is clean … and you know 300 years of slavery never happened. It takes time for both sides to come together, and unfortunately people are still teaching young people how to hate.”

I think that’s a pretty good answer to a very difficult question. For some reason, Denzel’s voice always has a way of making things seem like they’re going to be alright. Probably because he plays the hero in so many damn movies. Saving a town from a runaway train, getting his son a new heart…the man has done it all.