Scooter Braun Pushing Justin Bieber to Dump Lil Twist

Lil Twist continues to get in trouble. He’s been pulled over for speeding in Bieber’s car, he’s received a DUI, he’s been caught smoking pot several times and now he’s being accused of beating a girl at Bieber’s crib!

It’s clear that this dude is a bad influence on Justin, and his manager Scooter Braun wants to put an end to it. He’s tried to get Bieber to dump the trouble maker in the past, but now he’s really trying to put his foot down. Apparently, the whole beating a chick inside of Bieber’s house didn’t sit too well with Scooter.

Scooter has tried to convince the impressionable singer that Lil Twist is just using him. However, Bieber refuses to believe that. He’s allegedly still sticking by his “boy” and he refuses to just kick him out on the streets.

However, sources say that if Lil Twist continues to cause fights between Bieber and Scooter, Lil Twist will be the odd man out. There is no doubt that Justin would pick his manager over Lil Twist if he ever had to make that decision.

It sounds like he might have to make that decision very soon. What a tough life he has. I can only hope this decision doesn’t keep him up at night. We all know how he needs his beauty sleep…