Did Andrew Silverman Know Simon Cowell Was Banging His Wife?

We have now learned that Simon Cowell’s shocking affair with his best friend’s wife had reportedly been going on since 2009. This means that Simon and Lauren Silverman were doing the nasty long before she had split up with her husband, Andrew Silverman.

But it’s still not clear when Andrew found out about the affair. Sources claim that Lauren would spend hours on the phone talking to Simon, and Andrew knew all about the long conversations. Some “close friends” of Andrew say that he knew Simon was banging his wife, and they’re shocked that he’s acting like he just found out about it.

However, some other sources claim that while Andrew was aware that there were “warning signs,” he never actually believed there was an affair going on. They claim that he noticed Simon and his wife flirting a lot,  but he didn’t think that meant it was certain she was having sex with him.

At the end of the day, does it really matter when he found out? It’s still f–ked up any way you look at it. Finding out your best friend is having sex with your wife? That’s just terrible. And then he finds out that she’s pregnant with his child?

That’s messed up, Simon. Seducing women with your tight t-shirts and hairy nipples. They don’t even stand a chance.