‘Sandlot’ Star Arrested At Airport

Remember “Smalls” from the timeless classic, The Sandlot? Well, Smalls isn’t so small anymore and he’s apparently not so sober anymore.


Tom Guiry is the dude who played Smalls in the movie and he’s in some big trouble after headbutting a cop at a airport in Houston, TX. The incident took place last weekend when Tom was told he was too drunk to fly by an employee for United Airlines.

The employee called an airport cop over to talk to Tom, but he apparently didn’t want to do any talking. The cop told him that he could either arrest him for public intoxication, or put him in the drunk tank.

Smalls chose option C, which was verbally abuse the cop, try to kick him in the face and then successfully land a headbutt directly to his face. Cops immediately pushed the drunk star to the ground and arrested him for felony assault.

Mr. Guiry is currently a free man again after posting $5,000 bail.

He’s certainly come a long way, huh? He was once a little boy with a plastic glove, drinking chocolate milk and playing catch with his step-dad. Now, he’s getting drunk and headbutting cops at the airport.

I wonder what Benny Rodriguez would say about this?

Disclaimer: We realize we passed on the amazing opportunity to use the famous line, “You’re killin’ me Smalls” in this article. We apologize for not taking full advantage of this situation, but we just felt like the line was a bit too obvious…even for us.