Justin Bieber Under Investigation

We told you the other day about Justin Bieber’s little incident at South Pointe nightclub. Apparently, some sh-t went down, Justin Bieber took off his shirt and proceeded to act like a tough guy and then some 22-year-old dude ended up knocked out on the ground.

You may remember that we told you police were only investigating Justin Bieber’s bodyguards for the fight. However, it looks like things have changed. Police are now including Bieber in the investigation to see if he told his bodyguards to beat the 22-year-old up.

Everyone agrees that Bieber wasn’t actually the one doing the fighting, but police are trying to determine if he instructed his bodyguards to do his dirty work. The man who was beat up had to be hospitalized and suffered from bruised ribs, a busted lip and a black eye, this according to Page Six. After being released from the hospital, the man did file an assault claim.

The alleged fight went down on Aug. 4 and one day later Bieber posted the tweet you see down below…


Well, we get this stuff from the police department, Bieber! Southamptom police have confirmed to E! News that Bieber’s entourage is under investigation.

I think Justin really needs to take a break from everything. He needs to go home to Canada, find some old friends and play video games all night while eating Lucky Charms. He needs to do all the normal teenage stuff that he missed out on. It seems like he’s trying to grow up too fast. Someone needs to set that little punk straight…

I’m calling Usher!