Taylor Swift Is Afraid Of Googling Herself

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Taylor Swift revealed her top five fears and there are some interesting things on her list.

“1. Sea urchins 2. Googling myself 3. Earwigs 4. Cynics 5. Getting arrested”

You’d think a 23-year-old mature woman would be comfortable with masturbation, but apparently self-pleasure is one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fears.

Oh, wait…never mind. I’m just now realizing that she literally means “Googling” herself. Whoops. Here I was thinking that Taylor Swift had some fear of flicking the ol’ bean, but apparently she just has a fear of people saying mean things about her.

She also seems really paranoid about getting arrested. Do you remember back when ‘Punk’d’ was trying to make a comeback and started to have celebrities punk fellow celebrities? Well, on one episode, Justin Bieber punk’d Taylor Swift and made her believe she started a big fire on a boat.

Apparently, that prank really scared the crap out of her. She told Rolling Stone magazine the following,

“You know I had serious nightmares where I’d wake up in the middle of the night for, like, three weeks after that? I really thought that was it for me. I was thinking, ‘Justin is 17, so he’s going to juvie, but I’m going to big-girl prison.”

Psh, like she has anything to worry about. I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift is the least likely celebrity to ever go to prison.