Chris Brown Is Getting Sued

Chris Brown’s life is about get a little more stressful. A man by the name of Sha’keir Duarte is suing the 24-year-old singer for unspecified damages.

Duarte claims he was punched and kicked by a member of Chris Brown’s entourage during a brawl at a recording studio. Duarte says that he not only suffered a concussion from the beat down, but he also had to face humiliation and mental anguish.

The fight Duarte is referring to is the brawl that took place between Chris Brown’s entourage and Frank Ocean’s entourage. The madness went down at Westlake Recording Studios back on Jan. 27. Duarte claims that at one point during the fight, Brown threatened that it could escalate into a shooting.

The saddest part about it all is that this whole thing started because Brown parked in Ocean’s parking spot at the recording studio. Brown’s attorney told reporters that this case is “frivolous” and said, “This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name.”

Oh, America. We always have to look for an easy way to get money. No one wants to put in the work anymore. It’s just like the people suing because their coffee was too damn hot. Really? Are you going to sue the sun for being too bright? Come on now. We’re better than this.