Watch: Kevin Hart’s Hilarious Response To Kendrick Lamar’s Lyrics

We know you all have heard about Kendrick Lamar’s rap verse on Big Sean’s track ‘Control.’ The 26-year-old rapper went after almost everyone in the business in the song.

You can read the lyrics down below…


Daaamn, right? Well, those lyrics have created havoc on the internet and everyone seems to be all riled up over them. Even people who weren’t even mentioned in the song, like, comedian Kevin Hart.

The funnyman channeled his alter ego ‘Chocolate Droppa’ and posted a hilarious response video to the song on his Instagram account,

He went hard, huh? Dropping that line about the Porta Potties…that was cold. One might even say that was a pretty shi**y thing to say. I’m not sure how Kendrick will bounce back from this verbal smack down by Mr. Droppa.

I’d just drop out of the business if I were him. You can’t recover from something like that! Sweep the floor, collect the tips, clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes and turn out the lights. It’s over, son.