Lady Gaga Goes Nuts On Twitter

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton were once best buds. In fact, Perez Hilton was a fan of hers from the beginning and really helped spread her music when she was just starting out. However, it now appears like their friendship has ended horribly.

Apparently, some fan of Lady Gaga posted a series of tweets that claimed Perez Hilton was stalking Lady Gaga. Even claiming that he was “scoping” out her apartment and maybe even trying to rent an apartment in the same building.

Lady Gaga, who was not at her apartment at the time, found out about the tweets and called building management to confirm the reports. After it was confirmed that Hilton was at the building, Lady Gaga went on nuts on Twitter.

She posted the following tweets yesterday,




The truth is, she also posted a lot of other tweets and so did Perez Hilton. We’re not going to show you every single tweet though. Basically the tweets consisted of Lady Gaga accusing Hilton of being a stalker, and Hilton accusing Gaga of being some evil monster in real life.

He claims that the real Gaga is completely different than the one everyone sees. He also says the truth will come out, and he even swore on his dad’s grave he was telling the truth. I have no idea how close he was to his dad, but that has to count for something, right?

I’m not sure who to believe in this stupid battle. There have been allegations of Lady Gaga being a huge fraud before, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had some big skeletons in her closet.

But then again, who wants to be on Perez Hilton’s side? This is honestly a no win situation. There is too much douche in the air and it’s making it difficult to breathe.