Beyonce Drops $2,200 On Some Chicken

Beyonce must really like chicken! The 31-year-old singer spent over $2,200 at Nando’s this past weekend while performing at the V Festival.

Obviously, she didn’t eat all of the chicken herself. I mean, her booty is big, but it ain’t THAT big. She bought the chicken for her “crew” that helps her get ready before every performance. The $2,264 bill included, 47 whole chickens, 58 wing platters, 12 veggie burgers and 24 coleslaw orders.

You can view a receipt of her order down below…


Quite impressive. It beats her previous bill at a Nando’s in Ireland last May. She spent $1,144 at the restaurant last May when she ordered, hot chicken, rice, cornbread, corn, coleslaw and several wing platters. I guess her entourage was just more hungry this time around, or maybe they were planning on saving some for the road.

Maybe this is the reason she was 20 minutes late to her performance at the V Festival! She was probably on the phone placing this order for at least an hour. Damn impatient fans booing Beyonce when all she was trying to do was get some chicken for her people!