Chris Brown Accuses D.A. Of Being A Racist

Things were looking up for Chris Brown in recent months, but that all might be changing now thanks to a District Attorney who Brown claims is a racist.

The 24-year-old singer is pissed that the judge working his case ordered him to do 1,000 hours of additional community service after it was revealed that he had lied on his previous community service reports.

Chris Brown has had enough with all the bullsh-t and he went on a little mini-rant on his Twitter account last night. You can view his angry tweets down below…


And to think, I was starting to kind of feel bad for the dude! He should just shut the f–k up and take his punishment. He was let off fairly easy, it could have been a lot worse for him and now he’s bitching about some community service hours? Lame.

If you were “man” enough to hit a woman, then you better be man enough to face the consequences. Some community service work might do your ungrateful ass some good.