J. Cole Says Obama Would Not Be President If He Were Dark-Skinned

Our favorite unibrow rapper is making headlines today over some controversial comments he made in an interview with BET.

BET brought up the fact that most music videos seem to feature light-skinned models. However, J. Cole has been making an effort to challenge that recently by including more dark-skinned models in his videos.

So, the interviewer asked the rapper if he felt that the light-skinned/dark-skinned issue affected the men in hip hop, as well.

“I can’t say for sure but I just think we’re still in America. We’re still Black Americans. Those mental chains are still in us. That brainwashing that tells us that light skin is better, it’s subconsciously in us, whether we know it or not, still pursing light skin women.

There are some women out there that are like, ‘I don’t even like light skin men’ and that’s fine. But Barack Obama would not be President if he were dark skin. You know what I mean? That’s just the truth.”

He then went on to explain that sometimes he even wonders if he would be where he is at right now if he was darker,

“I might not as successful as I am now if I was dark skin. I’m not saying that for sure, I’m still as talented as I am and Obama is still as smart as he is, but it’s just a sad truth.”

Interesting. I mean, it’s kind of refreshing to hear a rapper talk about something other than bitches and weed. And I really do think he raises an interesting question, one we should really be discussing more often.

With great unibrow comes great knowledge.