Justin Bieber Attacked By Male At Nightclub

I hate to ruin everyone’s day off from work with a story about Justin Bieber, but if you’re doing Labor Day correctly, you should already be drunk enough not to care.

The 19-year-old singer was attacked by a male “fan” at a nightclub in Canada this past weekend. Apparently, Justin went out of his comfort zone in the VIP area and went out to hang with “normal” people in the club.

That turned out to be a bad decision because some idiot ran toward Bieber and attempted to tackle him. During the take down attempt, the attacker managed to rip off Justin Bieber’s shirt, conveniently leaving the pop-star shirtless yet again.

Thankfully, the attacker was quickly grabbed by security and escorted out of the club as you can see in the photos down below.


Do you Justin’s face in those photos? He’s like, “Sh-t, man! This dude is crazy! I don’t know if I can spit on him from this far away.”

Oh, Justin. You should know that your security would never let anything bad happen to you. There would be too many tears flooding the world. Tears of sadness from all the teenage girls, and tears of happiness from all the parents who have to listen to your songs 24/7.