Miley Cyrus: I’m F**ked Up!

So, apparently Miley Cyrus recently admitted something we have known for quite some time now.

She is f–ked up!

The controversial 20-year-old opened up a bit to a U.K. paper called, Sunday People. She told the paper the following about her hectic life,

“I have so many f–king issues. I am so f–ked up, everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. I don’t have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again, but I’m not good at that.”

The twerking queen then admitted that sometimes she only gets 45 minutes of sleep because of her work schedule,

“All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me because I can sleep for just 45 minutes — I’m used to it. Because I work so much, I’m always on the road so I eat healthily. I have to give my body what it needs to keep going and if you don’t then you will crash and burn.

I don’t get to work out. I do yoga and 30 push-ups every day to get my mind right.”

Well, I guess all of the recent terrible decisions could be because of her lack of sleep. I know I wouldn’t make wise decisions if I was running on 45 minutes of sleep.

I don’t know about you all, but it kind of annoys me when celebrities say sh-t like this. I’m not denying that they work very hard, I believe that. However, they’re getting paid so much f–king money to do it! They’re getting reminded everyday how appreciated they are by their millions of fans.

There are plenty of people out there working just as hard, getting paid sh-t and they don’t even have anybody kissing their ass. We’re all working hard, you know? You just have to make it work. It doesn’t give you the excuse to act like a sex-crazed alien on stage.

With all the work she is doing, you’d think she would focus more on her singing and less on just how raunchy she can be on stage.