Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed

America’s favorite TV show is coming back for its 17th season, and it’s going to be filled with the biggest and brightest C-list celebrities you can think of!

The entire cast for the 17th season was just announced on Good Morning America, and it confirmed some of the rumors we had been hearing.

Snooki will in fact be dancing, Leah Remini, Amber Riley and many more! You can view the full list of celebrities down below…

  • Leah Remini, King Of Queens
  • Amber Riley, Glee
  • Snooki, Jersey Shore
  • Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL Player
  • Valerie Harper, actress
  • Brant Daughtery, Pretty Little Liars star
  • Christina Milian, Voice host
  • Elizabeth Berkley, Saved By the Bell
  • Corbin Bleu, High School Musical
  • Bill Engvall, comedian
  • Jack Osbourne, reality star
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

The new season will kick off on September 16 and it promises to be exactly like the previous 16 seasons! Someone will break a bone, one contestant will take the judges’ comments too seriously and one celebrity will have some secret affair with their dancing partner.

It’s going to be the same sh-t and everyone is still going to watch it, why? Because we’re horrible people who have nothing better to do with our lives. I mean, why should we concern ourselves with all this silly talk about Syria? That’s not important!

You know what’s important? Watching that one dude from High School Musical do the waltz!