Jenette McCurdy Dating NBA Star Andre Drummond?

Who saw this coming?

Put your damn hand down, you know you didn’t see this sh-t coming!

Nickelodeon star Jennete McCurdy best known her work on the hit show, ‘iCarly’ is apparently dating NBA center, Andre Drummond. Apparently, Andre developed a big crush on Jenette and expressed his love for her on his Twitter account.

Eventually, the news spread to McCurdy’s twitter feed and that’s when they started to flirt with each other through Twitter. They then took things to the next level by meeting face to face last week, and looking at their Instagram photos, it looks like they really hit it off.

As you can see from the pictures above, there is a noticeable height difference. Andre stands at 6’10 and McCurdy is just 5’3, so it’s safe to say that their bedroom adventures should be quite interesting.

For those wondering, Jenette is actually older than Andre! McCurdy is 21 and Andre is just 20-years-old, so she can’t officially take him out to the clubs yet.

Good for them. Sure, it might look like he’s taking his little adopted sister out for a walk, but who gives a f–k? As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters.