Kendall And Kylie Jenner Make $100,000 By Doing Nothing

Your hate for the Kardashians is about to grow even stronger, folks.

As we all know, the Kardashians make a lot of money by not doing much of anything at all. They get money for making special appearances, they get money for acting like idiots on camera and they get money from just having their name attached to a nail polish line.

Back in 2011, all of the Kardashian sisters inked a deal with Nicole by OPI worth $600,000. The nail polish line was appropriately named, “Kardashian Kolors.” All of the sisters had their own special nail polish, Kendall had, “Kendall on the Katwalk” and “All Kendall-ed Up.” While Kylie had, “Rainbow in the S-kylie” and “Wear something Spar-kylie.”

What incredibly clever names, huh? Anyway, like we mentioned above, the sisters were paid $600,000 and they all decided to split it evenly. So, at just 13-years-old and 15-years-old, Kendall and Kylie made $100,000 for allowing someone to make horrible puns out of their names.

They also had to do one photo shoot and a one-day media tour, but that’s about it. Many adults don’t even make $100,000 in a year, and these teenagers made $100,000 in one day!

It’s also being reported by OK! Magazine that they make $5,000 for each episode of their reality show. And get this, Kendall reportedly gets up to $5,000 for every promotional tweet she agrees to do.

$5,000 for f–king tweeting! If it seems like I am upset and extremely jealous, it’s because I am! Life just doesn’t make any sense sometimes. Oh well, at least we all still have our dignity, right?