Paula Patton Makes Al Roker’s Year By Twerking On Him (VIDEO)

Paula Patton continues to prove that she is the most understanding wife of all time. Not only did she not care that her husband was making out with some hot blond right in front of her, but she was also completely fine with Miley Cyrus twerking all over her husband.

In fact, during her recent appearance on the “Today” show, Paula called the twerking episode “dope.“ And said that “Twerking can help the love,” Whatever that is supposed to mean.

She then did something that surprised everyone, she “backed it up” on Al Roker. You can take a look at the GIF of the awkwardness below, and you can watch the cringeworthy video down below.

I think it’s safe to assume that Al spent the entire commercial break in the bathroom. I mean, I know he lost all that weight and all, but I’m sure it’s been awhile since a woman that fine danced on him like that.

I’m sure Robin Thicke is just filled with jealousy right now. He’s probably rage f–king some 20-year-old as we speak.