James Franco Stages Fake Paparazzi Photos and Slams Gossip Sites

James Franco was just recently roasted by his friends on Comedy Central and now he’s roasting the media.

The 35-year-old actor has been busy on his Instagram lately. He’s been staging fake paparazzi photos, and posting them to his account.

Mr. Franco has posted a total of three sets of photos so far, and each one of them makes fun at a well-known gossip site.

The first photo he posted was a shot of him “making out” with some blond woman in his car. As you can see in the image down below, he wrote on the photo in MS Paint, just like a certain oddly shaped gossip blogger,


He then posted another photo and this time he went after the website Just Jared. The photo shows him making out with the blond girl again, but this time it looks as if she is giving him a blowjob in the vehicle,


But that wasn’t the end of the fake photos. Just yesterday, Franco posted a few shots of him kissing and holding hands with a guy, obviously addressing all of the gay rumors that follow him around everywhere he goes…


Well, it’s nice to see that he’s using his free time wisely. I’m not exactly sure what these photos prove, but he’s clearly having fun with it. Maybe he will make one for us, we would certainly appreciate the extra traffic.