Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artists Of 2013

Forbes has already released several “highest paid” lists the past few months. They’ve released a list for actors, actresses and even celebrity couples.

Now they have released their list of highest paid hip-hop artists and you might be surprised at who made the list.

Diddy surprised no one at the number one spot with $50 million, he was closely followed by Jay Z at $43 million and Dr. Dre at $40 million. After the 3rd spot, the cash drops dramatically with Nicki Minaj earning $29 million at the number 4 spot.

You can view the top 12 down below…

1. Diddy($50 million)

2. Jay Z($43 million)

3. Dr. Dre($40 million)

4. Nicki Minaj($29 million)

5. Birdman($21 million)

6. Kanye West($20 million)

7. Lil Wayne($16 million)

8. Wiz Khalifa($14 million)

9. Ludacris  ($12 million)

10. Pitbull ($11 million)

11. Drake($10.5 million)

12. Snoop Lion ($10 million- tie)

12. Eminem($10 million- tie)

Poor Drake just missed out on cracking the top 10! Such a shame, I was really hoping to see a handicapped person in the top 10. I’m sure it would mean a lot for the wheelchair community.

Although, Lil’ Wayne was in the top 10 and he’s mentally handicapped, so that must count for something.