Report: Zac Efron Overdosed On “Hillbilly Heroin”

As you all know, Zac Efron recently completed a rehab stint earlier this year to help with his substance abuse issues.

It is believed by many that Zac Efron’s main problem was with cocaine and alcohol, but a new report from RadarOnline.com claims the 25-year-old overdosed on the prescription drug oxycodone, also known as hillbilly heroin.

An eyewitness, who has allegedly passed a polygraph test, told RadarOnline that Zac Efron passed out and had to be revived during a crazy party back in January.

According to the eyewitness, Efron was also consuming marijuana and Adderall during the party. “I was scared for him.” the source said. “If he doesn’t clean himself up, he’ll be Hollywood’s next big drug tragedy.”

The source even admitted that Zac Efron had sex with some chick before the drugs really started to kick in. It was clear to everyone at the party that Efron had a major drug problem, but everyone seemed to be too afraid to stop him.

“He went through a lot of pills even though it was clear he was entering a danger zone. My worst fear was that he had died from an overdose.”

Geez, why didn’t anyone cut him off? Lock him in a room or something and take away the pills! This is one of the reasons why you see so many celebrities become addicts. No one is going to tell them no, so they just continue to do it.