Kate Gosselin Worried For Her Kids After Jon Gosselin’s Strange Gun Incident

We told you about how Jon Gosselin is now a waiter in Pennsylvania. We showed you just how far he has fallen, and now he just might lose some quality time with his kids if he’s not careful.

As you have probably heard, Jon had a little incident with a paparazzo last week when the photographer accidentally trespassed on his property.


Instead of just calling the police like a normal person, Jon pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot. The terrified paparazzo ran off the property and went to police. She didn’t file a report though, because she was the one trespassing.

Anyway, Kate Gosselin is not happy about the incident and she now fears for the safety of her kids. She is considering asking the judge working their case to modify the terms. She wants the court to require Jon to “exercise restraint” when handling firing weapons.

She also agrees that he overreacted. Kate wonders why he just didn’t call 911, why did he pull out a gun and fire a warning shot?

And while Kate does have the kids most of the time, she states that during the time they are with their dad, she wants to make sure that he’s unarmed and keeps all of the guns locked up.

Poor, Jon. That waiter job is just making him go insane. Even Kanye West is not crazy enough to shoot a warning shot at a paparazzo.

What did he really think the lady was going to do? Kill him with a Nikon?