O.J. Simpson Is Turning Into The Cookie Monster In Prison

Whaaat? A story about O.J. Simpson? In 2013? Yes!

O.J. Simpson has been a naughty boy in prison recently. The 66-year-old may have got away with murder, but he did not get away with stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria!

Sources say that the guards at the Nevada prison saw that Simpson was hiding something under his clothes as he walked back to his cell from lunch.

The guards stopped him and asked him what was under his clothes, he then revealed that he had stolen more than a dozen oatmeal cookies. The guards snatched up the cookies and Simpson reportedly just stood there with a “goofy grin” on his face.

Apparently, Simpson is getting pretty fat. Doctors have warned him that he needs to cut back on the sugary treats and start exercising more because he does have diabetes.


The funniest part about this whole thing? The other prisoners in the cafeteria thought O.J. was hiding a cell phone under his clothes. The source says that when the guards started pulling out cookies, the prisoners nearly fell down to the floor with laughter.

Hahaha, oh lawd. This might be the greatest story, ever. He wasn’t even stealing good cookies, he was stealing oatmeal cookies!

How desperate must he have been?