Chris Brown and Drake Ending Feud In A Big Way?

It’s no secret that Chris Brown and Drake seem to absolutely hate each other. We all remember their huge nightclub brawl last year, right? Bottles were thrown, heads were smashed and threats were made.

But now a source is coming out and claiming that the feud between the two rappers is dead. The source even claims that they’re open to making music together,

“This is about the music, forget all the bullsh-t. Chris isn’t opposed. If it’s something Drake wants to do and the beat is right and the lyrics are on point, he would go there. For sure he would.”

The source claims that Chris hasn’t really had a problem with Drake lately,

“Chris hasn’t really had a problem with Drake, he was always trying to keep the peace and be positive. He let that headache go with (Drake) a long time ago.”

If this source is telling the truth, then it would seem like the feud might really be over. Drake has made it clear in the past that the hate was all one-sided. He claimed Brown was the only one with a real beef.

We’re not sure if we should believe this or not. It sounds a little fishy to us. It almost sounds like Chris is trying to set Drake up, you know? Like, “Hey, man. Come over to the studio and record this song with me.” and then Drake shows up and they roll him down a steep hill….

…sounds risky.