Justin Bieber Gets Carried Up China’s Great Wall (Rage-Inducing Picture Inside)

Well, it’s been about five minutes since Justin Bieber has done something to make you hate him, so it’s about time for another act of douchiness.

Pictures that show Justin Bieber getting carried up the Great Wall of China are being shared all over the internet today. In the picture below, you can see the 19-year-old king being carried up the steps by his miserable bodyguards.

Many people seem to think that Justin Bieber simply didn’t feel like walking, so he ordered his bodyguards to carry him up. If that was the case, then that is certainly an incredibly “Justin Bieber” type thing to do.

However, I have a little more faith in the dude and I think he was just doing it as a joke. I mean Bieber likes to seem tough, and he couldn’t look any less tough in these photos. Having grown ass men carry your skinny ass up some steps? That’s not gangsta.

Justin Bieber knows that, which is why this was probably just an attempt to piss off his haters. It worked, so congrats to Justin Bieber.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Zach Galifianakis was the one who gave him this idea…