Sandra Bullock Attempts to Rap On ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ (VIDEO)

Nothing brings me more joy in life than seeing a white girl trying to rap. There is just something so adorably awkward about it.

The latest white girl attempting to rap? Sandra Bullock. That’s right, the star of the most popular movie in the world right now went on, ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ recently and performed a little bit of, ‘Rappers Delight.’

The 45-year-old actress explained to the crowd before she performed that she had learned the lyrics back in high school to impress a boy,

“I was like, ‘Next time I go to that dance, I’m going to know every word. I’m going to make sure he sees me lip-syncing it, and I’m going to catch his eye, and say the words. And he’s going to like me.’ And sadly it worked.”

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be. You could tell that she had a little bit of flow, her faucet was leaking just a little bit. The most impressive part about the whole thing was how she managed to keep her hands down for most of it.

Most people (myself included) can’t help but direct traffic while rapping. It’s a curse that 95% of white people are stuck with.