Queen Bey Freefalls From Auckland’s Sky Tower (PHOTOS)

Apparently, life was just getting too boring for Beyonce. Selling out stadiums, flying all over the world and hearing thousands of fans chant her name just doesn’t do it for the 32-year-old anymore.

She needs a little more excitement in her life, and she got that excitement the other day in New Zealand when she jumped off Auckland’s Sky Tower.

As you can see in the two photos down below, Beyonce doesn’t look at all nervous about the jump.




Doesn’t make you women jealous to see how Beyonce can look incredible in just about any outfit? I mean, here she is wearing this incredibly ugly jumpsuit thing and she still looks good!

I am kind of disappointed that there are no pictures of her actually falling, but I guess we’ll just have to trust that she actually did take the plunge. Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the tower is about 1,076 feet in the air.

Beyonce Freefall

She has more balls than I do. The only way you will find me jumping off a building is if the building is on fire, and that’s only because burning to death sounds more painful than slamming against the concrete.

I wonder what Jay Z thinks of this madness?