Lamar Odom Tells 7-Year-Old Boy To Stay Away From Drugs

Lamar Odom was at a birthday party at Toyko Delves in Hollywood this past Saturday night with a group of about 20 friends.

Sometime during the night, a 7-year-old boy approached the NBA star and asked him for a photo. The boy’s mother told TMZ that Odom initially declined the photo request, but he did offer to have a brief conversation with the boy.

According to the mother, Lamar told her son to stay in school and that he should be playing basketball since he is already tall for his age. He then ended the conversation by telling the 7-year-old, “Don’t do drugs.”

After the conversation, Odom had a change of heart and offered to take a photo with the boy. You can view the picture down below…

Now, we could sit here and talk about how hilarious that advice is coming from Lamar Odom, but we’re not going to slam the dude for trying. He might not have followed his own advice, but at least he’s trying to set a good example.

I mean, that kid probably has no idea that Odom has/had a drug addiction. All that kid knows is that Odom plays basketball on TV. He probably really looks up to Odom, so hopefully this talk really meant a lot to the kid.

And who knows, maybe the talk helped Lamar just as much as it helped the boy.