‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Planning To Eat Her Placenta

Remember Kailyn Lowry from ‘Teen Mom 2’ on MTV? Probably not. She was pretty boring on the show. The only reason we remember her is because she is the one who had the ugliest baby on the entire show.

Anyway, Kailyn is now a married 21-year-old and she is expecting to have her second child sometime next month. It’s certainly an exciting and busy time in her life right now, but she did find the time to share some interesting news on her Twitter account.

Kailyn announced this wonderful news to the world…


Well, isn’t that just…strange? Actually, it’s not as weird/gross as one might think. The MTV star paid just $200 to start the process. Her placenta will be turned into pill formation and she will be able to take the pills like daily vitamins.

Taking the placenta pills is supposed to help Lowry deal with hormone deficiencies and even postpartum depression. There have been several other celebrities who have done the same thing, so it’s not like Lowry is alone in this.

But we still have to ask, would you do this? Have you done this? If so, did you feel that it helped you? Did you gain any super powers?

We need to know!