Tara Reid Can’t Take A Joke, Calls Out Jason Biggs On Twitter

There is one thing Tara Reid can take like a champ, but a joke is not that thing.

The struggling actress tweeted out the message you see down below on Sunday. As you can see, she is calling out her ‘American Pie’ co-star, Jason Biggs.


It is true, Jason Biggs did indeed call her a ‘hot mess.’ However, he was completely joking when he said it. The incident she is referring to happened back on October 8th when Biggs went on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live!

During the interview, the host of the show asked Biggs to come up with prison names for his old co-stars. Biggs started to go down the list and when he got to Reid, he gave her the name, ‘Hot Mess.’

It was obviously just a playful little joke and there were definitely worse things he could have said, but Reid obviously takes herself way too seriously.

Biggs apparently felt bad about upsetting Reid because he apologized to her on Twitter yesterday…


What a nice guy. I wouldn’t have apologized to that hot mess. I mean, if she was really hurt by the joke, why didn’t she just text him about it? Why call him out on Twitter like that?

I think her brief ‘Sharknado’ fame has made her think she’s more important than she really is.