Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Having Marriage Issues Again?

It seems like Will and Jada just can’t escape the divorce rumors that follow them around. Every few months or so, it seems like there is a story that claims they are on the verge of getting a divorce.

Will and Jada have had to deny the rumors for years now, and they always laugh it off. However, might there be some truth to it all? With all of these stories, at least a few of them have to be true, right?

Well, RadarOnline is reporting that their relationship is at a new low. According to the site, Will and Jada have not been seen in public together in over two months. And just recently, Jada seemed to hint at some trouble in paradise at a charity event last week.


“When you are going through a storm with your spouse…stop thinking about what you ‘believe’ your husband or wife should be.” She told the crowd. She also said, “I thought success would make me happy…it does NOT.”

Of course, that doesn’t really prove anything. And the fact that they haven’t been seen together in awhile makes sense because Will has been filming down in New Orleans since September.

Honestly, this latest story doesn’t sound like much of a story to me. The tabloids will try to turn any statement made by Will or Jada into some kind of drama. I mean, Will and Jada have enough to worry about with their son’s terrible condition.

His face has been stuck like that for a few years now. Doctors can’t seem to find a cure.