Jennifer Aniston Becomes The Latest Actress To Cut Off All Her Hair

There must be something in the water out in Hollywood because it seems like every actress out there is cutting off their hair!

The three latest celebrities to shave it all off are Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenoweth and Pamela Anderson. You can check out their new haircuts in the pictures down below…

Pretty shocking, right? Well, now Jennifer Aniston is joining the club. The 44-year-old actress didn’t go as short as Hudson and Anderson, but she did cut off a lot of her hair.



As you can see, her hair only goes down to just above her shoulders, which is a big change from her normal hairstyle.


She told PopSugar that she was just ready for a change,

“It’s short! It’s at my jaw line and a little shorter in the back. I was just ready for a change. I was ready for something new, to get it out of my face, so I could have a bit of an easier go at it.”

We all know the real reason she did it is because that hairstyle is “in” right now. We’re not sure why, but short hair is making a big comeback. Who will be the next celebrity to cut off their hair? Place your bets now and you could win major internet points if you guess correctly.

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