Chris Brown Countersues Man In Frank Ocean Fight

Chris Brown is fighting back against a man who accused his entourage of attacking him outside of a studio earlier this year.

As you all remember, Brown and Frank Ocean’s entourage started slapping each other around in the parking lot of a recording studio. Ocean claimed that he heard someone call him a “faggot” during the fight. He also claimed that Brown threatened to shoot him.

The criminal case ended up closing after Ocean said he was choosing “sanity” over criminal charges or a civil lawsuit. Well, fast forward to August when Sha’keir Duarte filed a lawsuit against the 24-year-old singer. He said that Brown was the aggressor in the brawl and he asked for $2 million for his injuries. However, Brown is telling a different story.


Breezy has now filed an assault and battery lawsuit against Duarte. He claims that Duarte started the fight by threatening to kill him and then pushing, kicking and punching him. He’s seeking unspecified damages.

At least Chris Brown is fighting back the right way this time. Maybe this rehab thing is really working for him.