‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Debuts New Short Haircut

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with different titles to these stories. We’ve had to write at least five “short hair” stories now and more just keep coming.

It seems like every celebrity is chopping off their hair. The last four celebrities to chop it all off can be seen down below.


Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenoweth and Jennifer Aniston. Those are some big names in the entertainment industry, and now you can add another big name to the list. The hilarious and perfect human being known as just ‘Katniss’ to millions of teenagers around the world has cut off most of her hair.


Jennifer posted the photo you see down below on her Facebook page and wrote, “Headed up north for #GLOBALFANDAY with The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast. Follow this page for updates!”


What about updates on your hair? Where did it go?! Take a look at another photo of her new hairstyle down below…


My thoughts on her the new haircut? It’s great. Anything Jennifer Lawrence does is great. She could put on a Gary Busey mask and kill a puppy with her bare hands and I would still like her.

I could go on and on about my love for her, but I’m afraid it would just come off as creepy. I’ll just go back to figuring out how I can become famous so I can meet her one day.

Damn…that sounded creepy, huh?

You’re the only who understands me, Nicolas.