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Spike Lee Gets Sued

If you followed this story, chances are you knew it was coming.

Prior to the George Zimmermann trial, Spike Lee let his rage get the better of him. He retweeted George Zimmermann’s address to his 240,000 twitter followers, encouraging people to partake in their own vigilante style justice. Probably wrong to being with, right?

Well, things got worse, because Spike Lee actually tweeted the WRONG address. The address he tweeted was that of Elaine and David McClain of Sanford, Florida, an elderly couple who don’t even live in the same neighborhood as George Zimmermann.



The couple, who have no relation to the George Zimmermann tried for killing Trayvon Martin, received numerous death threats, which they reported continued through the trial. [more…]

In March 2012, Lee called to apologize to the couple, however words weren’t enough. The couple has now filed a lawsuit claiming at least $15,000 in damages. The McClains stated they believe that Lee’s tweet encouraged a ‘dangerous mob mentality’ and they feared for their lives during the months that followed Lee’s tweet.

This is clearly a case of Spike Lee not “Do(ing) the Right Thing”. Good luck in Court, Mr. Lee.