Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint At MTV EMAs, Has Tupac’s Face On Her Butt (VIDEO)

For some reason Miley Cyrus was invited to the MTV European Music Awards the other night. And for some reason, they actually let her perform two of her songs during the show.

She opened up the show with an incredibly strange version of, “We Can’t Stop.” You can watch the video down below.

I guess it was some kind of alien theme? I don’t f–king know. I’m still not sure why she has a little person on stage with her all the time now. Did her team have a serious meeting together to think of new ideas to bring to her performances?


Manager: What if you went on stage and just performed your song? No fancy lights, no dancers and no teddy bears?

Miley: No way, man! I need a little person.

Manager: Tom Cruise?


I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, Miley Cyrus won the ‘Best Video Award’ and as she was accepting the award on stage, she smoked a joint…

She was in Amsterdam, so at least that actually makes sense. I’m sure some people will have a problem with that, but that’s probably the only normal thing she did the entire night.

Just take a look at what she wore to the shindig…



I just feel bad for Tupac and Biggie. Can you imagine what it smells like down there?