The Girl Behind The Justin Bieber Sleeping Video Speaks Out, Claims They Shared The Same Bed

Last week we told you that Tatiana Neves Barbosa was the girl who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping. She’s not a prostitute, but she is a bodybuilder and a part-time actress.

It was initially believed that she just went in his room as he was sleeping and randomly filmed him. However, Tatiana is speaking out now and she claims that she and Bieber shared a romantic night together.

In an interview with Globo TV’s Fantastico program, Tatiana revealed some of the details behind the video that now has over 35 million views on Youtube. She was asked if she kissed the 19-year-old pop star, “What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?” she replied.


The 26-year-old bodybuilder also said that they did share the same bed together. And she also claims that the Biebs personally invited her to the party he was having at his house that night, “He rang me and invited me, asked if I wanted to go to his house for a party.” She told Fantastico.

Apparently, Tatiana and Bieber went to the bedroom early in the night. She claims she didn’t notice any other girls at the party because she was already with Bieber in the bedroom.

Sounds like this girl just wants attention. Bieber needs to be more careful about who he hooks up with. The worst part about it is that he can’t even really talk bad about this girl because she could easily kick his ass.


That’s a strong woman right there. Bieber better watch his back.