Nelly Is Still Alive, Slams The New England Patriots

Remember when you and your friends would dance awkwardly to every Nelly song that came on the radio? And remember when he made that crossover song with Tim McGraw back in 2004? Remember how you and all of your friends felt so cool for knowing every word?

And do you remember how surprised you were to find out that, “Hot in Here” actually has two R’s in it? No? Maybe that was just me and my white friends then.

Anyway, Nelly is making a little comeback to the music scene. He recently released his seventh studio album and he teamed up with Florida Georgia Line to make ‘Cruise’ go from a horrible country song to a horrible pop song.


He also just sat down with HuffPost Live yesterday and was asked a few questions. He admitted that his current guilty pleasure is, “Bridezillas.” And he revealed that he’s bad with technology…

“I’m not a technology-savvy person. My son, he’s 14, he hooks up everything. He puts everything on my phone for me and everything. I call him like, “Yo, I don’t know what I’m doing. Can you help me out?”

Nelly was then asked “what or who” is overrated right now,

“I think the Patriots are overrated. I didn’t say Tom Brady, though. No, he can never lose … Gisele. He’s a winner when he loses.”

He makes a good point. I’m glad Nelly is back in the news once again. My 12-year-old self is very happy right now. I think I’ll go sing some of his songs out in my backyard ‘til my neighbors decide to call the cops on me.