Kim Kardashian Pulled Over For Speeding, Sparks Chaos In Los Angeles

The paparazzi are dangerous little trolls armed with cameras, and so are the Kardashians. So, when Kim Kardashian was pulled over for speeding in L.A. yesterday, the city came to a complete stop.

According to Kim, she was speeding down the freeway to get away from multiple cars that were being driven by members of the paparazzi. She was eventually pulled over by a police officer for going over the speed limit and that’s when sh-t started to go down.

Once the cop pulled her over, the paparazzi jumped out of their little Toyotas in the middle of the freeway and tried to get photos of the event. This caused traffic to back up, which pissed off the police in the area.



Things were only made worse when a freaking paparazzi helicopter started hovering above the mayhem on the ground. Like we said, police are pissed and they believe that the paparazzi crossed the line this time and endangered the lives of innocent people.

Only one of the “photographers” was cited for speeding. The rest of the trolls managed to get away. The cop did end up sticking Kim with a speeding ticket, as well.

Just wait until Kanye hears about this….

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