Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Weight Loss Secrets

Miranda Lambert shocked everyone last week when she showed off her new figure at the CMA awards. The 30-year-old singer had been gaining a bit of extra weight recently, but she decided to get “fit” before her 30th birthday back on Nov. 10.

She revealed just how she lost the weight to People magazine, Lambert claims she didn’t cut anything out of her diet. She just cut down her portion size, “I haven’t given up everything! I try to just cut everything in half.” Miranda told the magazine.

A lot of exercising with a personal trainer and support from her husband Blake Shelton also helped her lose the pounds. Like we said though, she didn’t give up anything to lose the weight. She told the magazine that she could never give up alcohol,


“All through my 20s I worked a lot — I was on the road since I was 17 and the road life is a lot of fast food and a lot of late nights and a lot of drinking — I didn’t give up drinking. I refused. You have to drink to put up with my husband! Just kidding!”


According to Lambert, her husband never had a problem with her weight. “He said, ‘I have never had a problem with any way you look at any point — you are beautiful to me at any size and every size.’”

Well, ain’t that just so stinkin’ cute? I mean, it’s a lie, but ain’t it just so stinkin’ cute? Guys have to say stuff like that. We’re all pigs though and I’m sure he was really sitting back thinking, “How can I get her to lose some damn weight?”

It’s really silly if you think about it, the way we build up women. We’re over here with hair all over our bodies, we smell like sh-t 90% of the time and we eat steak for breakfast. But we still expect women to be attracted to us?