Good Guy Justin Bieber Puts On Private Show For Car Crash Victim In Australia

You might take one look at Justin Bieber and think, “Holy sh-t! This guy is a major douche!” And we certainly wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. After all, he’s been accused of doing some pretty crappy things, but he’s not all bad.

He does a lot for charity and he does even more for his loyal fans. A Melbourne teenager by the name of Kate O’Neill is Bieber’s number one fan in Australia. She saved up for a year and a half just so she could go to every concert Bieber was having in the land down under.

However, things didn’t go as planned. Kate was in a major car accident just a few weeks before Bieber’s show, and she suffered a lot of injuries from the crash. She fractured her spine in three places, she had internal bleeding and she had four broken ribs.


Kate claims that the only thing that kept her conscious while waiting for the paramedics to arrive was talking about Justin Bieber.

She told Herald Sun News the following…

“I remember lying there trying to stay awake and I just kept saying ‘I just want to see Justin.”

Well, little did she know her wish would soon be granted in a big way. Kate’s friends started a Twitter campaign in hopes to grab Bieber’s attention, and it’s safe to say that it worked.

This past Tuesday, Justin Bieber rented out a bus to drive Kate and her friends to a secret location for a private concert. Take a look at some of the photos from the special concert down below…

Way to go Bieber. You might not believe us, but we actually do like writing nice stories about you. So, stop spending so much of your free time being a douchebag.