Justin Bieber Claims He Is Going To Retire!

Justin Bieber retiring from music? Could it be that Christmas is here a week early? Did Santa really deliver this time? Perhaps, but probably not.

The great Justin Bieber talked with Power 106 in Los Angeles yesterday and claimed that he was retiring from music after his album releases next week. And he not only said the word “retire” once, he repeated it several times.

He told the host,

“After the new album, I’m actually, I’m retiring man, I’m retiring.”


But don’t get your hopes up, sources tell TMZ that he was just joking. Sadly, Bieber is still selling out arenas and making teenage girls scream across the world. He’s not going anywhere until the money stops rolling in.

Santa has failed me yet again. This reminds me of the Christmas I really wanted this incredible remote control car that could do flips and sh-t. The commercials for it would come on television every single day, and I remember sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him that I wanted it for Christmas.

On Christmas Day, I ran out of my room and opened all three of my gifts. When I didn’t see the car, I made a face similar to this…

I’m still mad about it.